Why You Should Use Fiverr to Run Your Business

Use Fiverr to run your business

When my boyfriend and I moved into a shabby chic apartment without a dishwasher, we needed a cutlery drainer to complement our stainless steel dish rack. The first store we visited was a high-end kitchen specialty shop which had exactly what we were looking for. Unfortunately, it came with a high-end price tag of $49.95.

Unwilling to part with so much money for such a small item, we visited K-Mart next, already knowing they wouldn’t have what we were looking for. But to our astonishment, there on the shelf among the ugly plastic mug trees, was the perfect stainless steel cutlery drainer for only $4. It was all we needed for a fraction of the price the high-end kitchen shop was charging.

Sometimes a lower priced item will be just as good (perhaps even better) that its expensive cousin. Finding it is sometimes difficult, but there are a great many people who will search through the cheap rubbish to find a treasure. Imagine what would happen if your services were that moderately priced treasure people were looking for.

I like to say that my graphic design and social media management services are sold not in a high-end boutique agency, but in the K-Mart of the online world. That marketplace is called Fiverr

Fiverr is the world’s largest online marketplace for freelance services

Freelancers sell their expertise to the millions of buyers who visit the site looking for reasonably priced services. Prices used to be capped at $5 but this is no longer the case. Sellers can charge whatever their services are worth and attract clients who see the value in your offer.

Fiverr does the marketing for you

Fiverr is a brilliant platform for freelancers who don’t have the time or the inclination to market themselves. Customers come directly to you without the need to bid or pitch for a job. There is a constant stream of quality traffic that converts to sales every single day. You no longer have to worry about a SEO optimized website, constantly pushing yourself on social media, or paying for Facebook or Google ads. Orders flow in without you having to do much at all.

Start at $5 and work up from there

If you have a service you can deconstruct into parts you can offer for $5 and you have the capacity to complete loads of orders, Fiverr is the platform for you. Your first $5 gig should take around five minutes to complete. Once you start making sales and getting positive feedback, you can expand from there, keeping in mind the time it takes to complete the work you are offering.

The 3 major drawbacks of the platform

(1) Commision
Firstly, using Fiverr isn’t free. Although they don’t charge you a fee to use the site, you do have to pay 20% commission on every sale. But I look at it as though Fiverr is my agent. If I were an actor, my agent would take a cut of my earnings for every job they secured for me. My relationship with Fiverr works the same way.

(2) Control
Also, Fiverr ultimately has control of your business — they can delete gigs they deem unsuitable, remove your gig from search results and even close down your account if you breach their terms and conditions. But as long as you play by the rules, you should be fine. They also have a very reactive support team that will sort out any issues that arise.

(3) Cheeky Customers
You may also find that a few buyers on Fiverr try to haggle over the already low prices and are difficult to please. These types of customers are easy to deal with if you establish a firm and friendly relationship early on. The beauty of Fiverr is that you have so many customers you can simply say no to the small number of people who want the world for a penny.

Success Hinges on Reputation

To be successful on Fiver you have to stand out from the crowd right from your first gig. Offer your best work, not for financial gain (which is pocket money on a $5 gig) but to gather positive testimonials and to gain a reputation as a quality seller. Establish yourself as a high-quality service provider in a marketplace that may or may not be filled with plastic mug trees.

Periscope. Huh?

My first gig was creating backgrounds for Periscope videos so people could upload them to YouTube. I had 8 designs I could quickly customize by adding the customer’s Periscope and Twitter handle.  I completed around 60 orders before Periscope fell out of favour and the gig stopped selling. But it didn’t matter, because by then I had moved on to other gigs which were more lucrative and more successful.

The Periscope model is a good place to begin. Think about using templates to speed up your workflow. You don’t have to even have them to begin with, just make a new template for each client and then recycle them later.

Sign Up to Fiverr for Free

Even if you don’t have any idea what your first gig should be (check back for future posts covering this topic), you should sign up to Fiverr today. Browse the site, search for gigs in your niche, and check out what the most popular sellers are doing.

Don’t be stuck without any customers because no-one can find your website. Don’t be an exclusive shop hidden away in a back street, display your wares in the busiest marketplace on the planet and watch your freelance business grow.