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Writing a Review • book reviews by answering 10 simple question • from gretelpark.com

I admit, I’m not very good at writing reviews. I open up the window in Amazon or Goodreads and I don’t know what to write.

Here are a series of questions that might help me (and maybe you) write a review about a book I loved.

  • Did the characters and situations they found themselves in seem realistic?
  • Did you feel you were given the right amount of information about the characters, places, and events in the book to become immersed in the story? If not, did you not get enough or did the story get bogged down with a lot of unneeded, extraneous detail?
  • How did the book make you feel? Did you laugh or cry? Did it make you think and, if so, about what?
  • Did the book have a theme or message?
  • Can you picture this being a book that a person with particular tastes or life experiences would especially like or not like (even if your reaction was the opposite)?
  • If the story takes place somewhere in the world you’ve never been (or even a fictional world), is this somewhere you’d like to experience?
  • Is there anything you learned? Did you glean a new insight into the human condition from the book’s characters and their experience?
  • Were there descriptions or lines the author used that struck you as especially good, bad, or clichéd?
  • If the author uses humor, how is it done? Is the book mostly humorous or does the author use humor as a way to lighten what would be be very dark or serious without it?
  • What sets this book apart from others you’ve read? Is there something unique or different in this story or the way it is told? Was that uniqueness a positive or negative for you?


[review questions from Indies Unlimited • photo – Edmund Charles Tarbell (American artist, 1862–1938) Reading by a Window 1903]

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