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My career as an author has only just begun. I have only been in the publishing business for a little over a month. During that time, my sales have been small but steady. Statistics show it’s a good sign that my trajectory will continue to grow and perhaps even breakout into huge success.

What if you could be a part of that? Imagine if you’d hooked up with EL James when she began self-publishing, where would you be now?

I’m giving you the opportunity to become my partner and get in at the beginning. I’m inviting you to become an affiliate with Smashwords and earn 11% on the net price of each of my books. It might not seem like a lot to start with, but you don’t have to do anything much and it applies to the life of the books, long after I’m dead and gone.

All you need to do is link to my books using your special code. The link can be on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, a forum — anywhere. Each time someone finds my* books through your link and buys them, you get a cut.

[*it’s not just my books, it’s any book you want to recommend]

You can also sign up with Amazon as an associate and get funds for clicks as well as purchases. I’m a bit hazy on how it works, but I do know I regularly get $10 gift cards from them for something I’m doing (I think it’s my Amazon store on

It’s a WIN-WIN situation. Your links bring me exposure and in return, you take a cut of the profit. In essence, I’m paying you for marketing — and I’d much rather pay my friends than strangers.

Check it out:
 Smashwords Affiliate
 Amazon Associate 



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